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Deconstructing denim

  • 18 Mar

  • seth

Discovering the essentials of denim and brands


Denim is not just any fabric. It is a fabric with a rich history…. A fabric that is consciously or unconsciously, loved by many. It has been used and re-used countless times, and reinvented by both wearer and creator. Essentially denim was only worn by miners but nowadays celebrated by almost everyone. But which elements make this particular piece of clothing such a success story? Is it all about the fabric and the fits? Or do the countless brands hold the magic ingredients to this large-scale adoration?

This brandbook has been made to unfold these questions and to look behind the created image of every brand. What is their real identity? An aspiration to go back to the basics of denim and motivation of creation is what inspired us to peel of several added layers.

Commissioned by AMFI. Made by Gina Willems, Jill van den Brand, Vera van Erp, Rowan Paul en Marcia Finklenberg. Photography by Studio Nicolaij